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Welcome to Gold Country Kuk Sool Won Family Martial Arts Center. We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes six days a week. Now in our year, we are located at 127 Argall Way in historic Nevada City, California ... in the heart of California Gold Country. For more information or a free introductory lesson, call (530) 478-1412.

Kuk Sool,
Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony Reyna

W E   A R E   O P E N

For In-Studio and Online Classes

Click here for the in-studio class schedule.

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We offer in-studio and online classes as well as private lessons.

September Special Events

  • End of Kuk Sool T-shirt Option
  • Labor Day
  • Black Belt Testing
  • Women's Self-Defense 101
  • Stripe & Belt Testing
  • Black Belt Promotion

October Special Events

  • Sparring Class
  • World Kuk Sool Championships & Masters Promotion
  • Beginning Staff Classes
  • Fall Break
  • Jewel Bong (Nunchuck) Classes
  • Halloween

Coming Soon

  • Black Belt Testing - Sat., Nov. 13
Gold Country Kuk Sool Won    Nevada City, California, U.S.A.    (530) 478-1412