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Tony Reyna, Chief Instructor/Owner

Tony began his training in Kuk Sool Won while serving in the U.S. Air Force. In 1982 he tested for 1st degree black belt in Kunsan, Korea. He has had the unique opportunity to have been taught by over twenty different Kuk Sool instructors and masters. He currently trains under the founder's eldest son, Master Sung Jin Suh. Tony enjoys all aspects of the comprehensive system of Kuk Sool Won, but specializes in edged weapons and powerful hand striking techniques.

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won is truly a family martial arts school. Students have ranged in age from 2 to 83. Tony firmly believes that the etiquette, patience, self-discipline, and perseverance that are developed through martial arts training will help all Kuk Sool students in their daily lives. The positive environment of Gold Country Kuk Sool Won affects every student that trains there.

Tony founded Personal Safety Training (P.S.T.) and has been contracted by Yuba, Sutter, Placer, and Sacramento counties to teach county health care workers self-defense and techniques to diffuse hostile situations.

Tony has owned and operated Kuk Sool schools in Wheatland, Beale Air Force Base, Yuba City, Placerville, and El Dorado Hills before turning them over to personally trained black belts. One of his life goals is to help grow Kuk Sool Won in Northern California and provide communities with the finest martial arts training.

marks the anniversary of Gold Country Kuk Sool Won, where he focuses his energy and teaching. Tony was promoted to 6th degree black belt (master level instructor) in 2012 and is currently training for 7th degree black belt.

  Lila Reyna, Instructor/Owner

Lila Reyna has been training in Kuk Sool Won for years and was promoted to 4th degree black belt in 2016. Lila enjoys all comprehensive aspects of Kuk Sool Won, with special interest focusing on forms, ki energy healing, and women's self-defense. As a mother of three, she appreciates the family atmosphere of Kuk Sool Won and how everyone can incorporate this training into their daily lives.

Lila founded Action Awareness Training (AAT), a multi-level self-defense program with emphasis on women's empowerment, personal safety prevention, self-awareness, and healing for survivors of criminal assault. Recent clients of Action Awareness Training include WestAmerica Bank, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition, Girl Scouts, Sierra College, International Nanny Association and Nevada County School District.

Lila is the award-winning author of Quiet Mind, Warrior Spirit: Conscious Self-Defense for Everyday Life. For upcoming self-defense books and training classes, visit www.LilaReyna.com.

Virgil Ines, Senior Instructor

Virgil Ines has been training years in Kuk Sool Won and is currently testing for 6th degree black belt (master level). Virgil is known for his etiquette, his precision, and his interest in intense physical training. He enjoys all aspects of Kuk Sool Won, but is particularly interested in the development of internal energy, and in channeling that energy to add power to techniques and forms.

Virgil and his wife, Laura, met in Kuk Sool years ago and they continue to enjoy training together. He was awarded Black Belt of the Year in 2000.

Virgil is a tile contractor of 28 years and owns Artistic Tile.

  Richard Robertshaw, Instructor

Richard originally wanted his son to learn a martial art and after observing him in Kuk Sool class Richard decided to start training. Nineteen years later he is testing for 5th degree black belt, while his daughter is a second degree and his wife and son are both first degree black belts. Richard enjoys teaching class because of the positive changes seen within the students of Kuk Sool Won. There is something for everyone to specialize in. His preference is the sword and sparring. In 2002, Richard was awarded Black Belt of the Year.

Richard is a practicing doctor of chiropractic for the past 35 years with an office in San Francisco. His current project is designing and manufacturing a new type of ergokinetic chair. The web site for this new chair is www.spinalglide.com.

Craig Lauer, Instructor

Craig has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over years.

He enjoys all areas of his training including the mental and physical fitness aspects, and working with the students. Craig specializes in sword and staff forms and is currently testing for 5th degree black belt. He highly values the friendship and family-oriented atmosphere of Kuk Sool Won. Craig is a respected instructor and known for his patience and diligence. He was awarded Black Belt of the Year in 2001.

Craig is a master welder, and is the shop foreman at a local metal fabrication company.

  Randall Yun, Instructor

Randall has been training in Kuk Sool Won since 1995 and is currently testing for 5th degree black belt. He feels like training in Kuk Sool Won helps keep his body and mind sharp. Randall feels that teaching improves his Kuk Sool and seeing the students grow and excel is very rewarding. He enjoys helping the students prepare for tournaments and has made many great friends. Randall was 2nd Degree Black Belt Grand Champion at the 2009 Pacific Coast Tournament and he was awarded Black Belt of the Year in 2003.

Randall works for the Nevada County environmental health department in the consumer protection and land use division. This department protects the public from unsafe sanitary conditions at area restaurants and stores as well as oversees the protection of residential groundwater.

KyongAe Schmitt, Instructor

KyongAe has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over years. She was promoted to 4th degree black belt in 2016. KyongAe has been a fitness instructor for years, teaching step and aqua aerobics classes.

KyongAe enjoys teaching the children's classes, watching young people build up their etiquette and self-esteem. She also enjoys helping women develop their confidence. KyongAe comes from Korea and enjoys training in her native language in a Korean martial art. She was awarded Black Belt of the Year in 2006.

Ryan Mathias, Instructor

Ryan graduated from CSU-Sacramento with a bachelor of science in Exercise Science and Business. He earned his first-degree black belt in 2007, and was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in 2016. Ryan has been training over years. Ryan focuses on integrating all aspects of Kuk Sool into his daily life, and enjoys sharing them with others.

Ryan was awarded Black Belt of the Year in 2007. He is the 2007, 2008 and 2009 junior Pacific Coast Grand Champion as well as the 2008 junior World Champion. He is the 2010, 2014, and 2016 Mens Pacific Coast grand Champion and also won the Gold medal in sparring in the 2013 World Kuk Sool Championships in Busan Korea.

Ryan is also a NASM certified personal trainer who has created his own strength system. To learn more visit his website MathiasMethod.com.

Sandra Mathias, Instructor and Office Manager

Sandra started Kuk Sool in 2006 after watching the positive growth it had on her son. She enjoys all aspects of training in Kuk Sool Won, including weapons, forms, techniques and breaking; she especially enjoys training with her son. In 2011 Sandra was promoted to Black Belt, that same year she was voted Black Belt of the year. Sandra is a 2015 Pacific Coast Grand Champion. Sandra is currently testing for third degree black belt.

Sandra is the owner of Swasey's Hair Center, and has worked there since 1989.

  Coltin Miller, Instructor

Coltin has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over years and was promoted to second-degree black belt in 2017. He enjoys the many layers of Kuk Sool training and learning new details and methods that make a form more precise, or a technique more effective. In particular, Coltin enjoys using techniques and weapons. He was awarded the Black Belt of the Year Award in 2014.

Coltin loves being an instructor and enjoys sharing his passion for Kuk Sool with others; he always enjoys helping students improve in their training.

Coltin currently studies mathematics at William Jessup University.

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