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March/April Newsletter

Dear Students & Parents,

Classes are going well and spring is just around the corner. We have many exciting events planned for the coming months.

I would like to congratulate Theo Aronow, Corbin Beals, Jim Brodeur, Giovanni Hernandez-Garcia, Khila Meadows, Nelson Sullivan, Joshua Thiem and Nicholas Wetherbee on their promotion to first-degree black belt. Lucien Brink and Alanna Hardin were promoted to second-degree black belt. These individuals have worked very hard to attain these levels.

Lila will be holding an onsite women's self-defense workshop on Saturday, March 17, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. This is a great class for moms, daughters and friends, no experience needed. Lila is also hosting women's personal safety and empowerment webinars. From the comfort of your own home, learn personal safety tips, identify predator behavior and increase awareness to develop a mindset of confidence.

The West Coast Kuk Sool Won Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 14, at Folsom High School. This is a fun-filled family event. You compete with students your own age and belt level. In March we will begin having special tournament classes seven days a week to prepare for the tournament. A special tournament training schedule will be posted. We will also have sparring classes twice a week and a special tournament sparring clinic at Yuba City Kuk Sool Won on Sunday, April 8, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Carpooling will be available for this class and the tournament.

This summer we will be holding our 17th annual Martial Arts Adventure Summer Day Camp. There will be two sessions. Session I will be from June 18 through 22, and session II will be from July 16 through 20. This exciting camp features daily special guests, crafts, ball sports, martial arts, a fishing clinic, archery, swimming and many other activities. Camp is open to children 5 through 12 years of age. We believe this is the most diverse and exciting day camp in Northern California. We offer reservations to Kuk Sool students and returning campers before opening registration to the general public. Our camps always fill up early, so reserve your spot soon.

We are very proud that our Martial Arts Adventure Summer Day Camp won the Parents' Choice Award for best summer day camp in Nevada County again in 2017.

The next quarterly black belt test will be Saturday, May 12, at Ready Springs School.

This spring and summer we will be holding classes in archery, knife throwing and live sword cutting at the Kuk Sool Outdoor Training Center. This is part of our traditional Korean martial arts training and it's a blast. These classes will be available to all ages and ranks. Please note that live sword cutting is only available to black belts.

Show your school spirit with a free Gold Country Kuk Sool Won window decal for your vehicle. Semi-professional installation by Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony is included.

On April 1, last year, Lila and I introduced New Spirit Naturals to our school. Gold Country Kuk Sool Won is now also known as a health and wellness center. Lila has worked with these products for the last eight years. I began taking New Spirit Naturals 18 months ago. I have more mental clarity and energy than ever before. Their products support better health, wellness and vitality inside and out. For more information on these products you can see me or Lila. Lila would be happy to schedule a time to sit down with you to develop a program that fits your personal needs.

I hope everyone has a great spring. Let's work hard together to become better martial artists and people.

Thank you and Kuk Sool,
Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony Reyna

Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won    Nevada City, California, U.S.A.    (530) 478-1412