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January/February Newsletter

Dear Students & Parents,

2019 is here and marks the 25th anniversary of Gold Country Kuk Sool Won. We have many exciting events planned for the upcoming months and year so be sure to refer to your calendar of events.

Our annual Christmas Party was a huge success with over 200 people in attendance. A great time was had by all. I would like to congratulate Elizabeth Hernandez on being chosen Black Belt of the Year by her peers. This is a wonderful honor. Due to the Christmas party potluck celebration last month, we will have in-class promotions instead of our usual promotion and potluck event.

I would like to congratulate the following students on their promotion to first-degree black belt: Ava Ban, Nino Conte, Riley Cleland, Jeremy Lang, Devon Lang, Branden McAlister, Shane McAlister, Ricky Seronio and Joshua Tiffany. These individuals have worked very hard to attain this level.

The West Coast Kuk Sool Tournament and Masters Demonstration will be held on Saturday, April 6, at Folsom High School. This is a fun-filled family event. Students will be able to compete in forms, techniques and sparring, plus weapons and breaking for advanced belts. You compete with students your own age and belt level. We will have many special classes in preparation for the tournament including a tournament sparring class in Yuba City. Carpooling will be available for both this special class and the tournament. My instructor states there are three ways we can test our martial arts training in Kuk Sool Won. The first is by testing, and second by performing in demonstrations and finally third by participating in tournaments. These events will greatly add to your self-confidence and build courage that you will use in your daily life. I believe we should go for two reasons. The first is to learn about Kuk Sool Won and ourselves, and the second is to have fun. You will make many new friends with whom you will share this experience.

In 2019 I hope you will set some martial arts goals for yourself. I encourage you to write down your goals and to set your intent, as you increase your chances of obtaining them tenfold. In the words of Kuk Sool's founder, Kuk Sa Nim, "With patience and perseverance all things are possible."

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won has been honored for the fifth straight year by receiving three Parents' Choice Awards, as voted by the readers of the Parents' Resource Guide. The awards include: Best Martial Arts School, Best After School Activity and Best Summer Camp for our Martial Arts Adventure Summer Day Camp. A big "Thank You" to all who voted for us.

A note regarding snow and inclement weather days. We try to keep the Kuk Sool studio open as much as possible. If public schools in the area are closed due to weather, we too will close. We always try to leave a message on the answering machine when this happens.

Be sure to check out our New Spirit Naturals. Lila would be happy to schedule a time to sit down with you to tell you about some of these amazing products that have been so helpful to so many. Last week I woke up with drainage in my throat, a sure sign of an upcoming cold. She immediately started me on the immune booster pack and it was gone! Thank goodness.

As we go into our 25th year at Gold Country Kuk Sool Won, I want you to know how excited I am about our training in 2019. Let's have a great year!

Thank you and Kuk Sool,
Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony Reyna

Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won    Nevada City, California, U.S.A.    (530) 478-1412