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November/December Newsletter

Dear Students & Parents,

It's hard to believe that fall is here and the holiday season will soon be upon us. As we go into the colder months, keep Kuk Sool training on your list of priorities and you will see results.

The 61st Annual World Kuk Sool Won Seminar was held on October 27, in Wheatland. I would like to thank Kuk Sa Nim and the masters who taught, and the participants for a great high-energy seminar. If you missed this year's seminar don't worry as there will be another next October.

I would like to congratulate the following students on their promotions to first-degree black belt: Aria Conte, Kyle Hawkins, Ben Redfern and Gary Frankel. These individuals have worked very hard, and have shown perseverance and patience to attain this level. I would also like to congratulate Joann Webb on her promotion to third-degree black belt. Joann has been traveling from her home in Idaho to test here once a quarter for the last two years. Talk about dedication and determination.

On Saturday, December 14, we will be holding our 25th annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet at the Nevada County Horsemen's Club in Grass Valley. The evening starts with games and prizes for the children followed by a huge potluck dinner. Awards are presented to students who have shown excellence in different areas such as etiquette, spirit and most improvement. One of my favorites is the Black Belt of the Year award, that is decided entirely by Gold Country Kuk Sool Won black belts. The evening also includes a raffle with great prizes, followed by music and dancing for the whole family. This is a fun-filled family event so I hope you can attend. Space is limited so sign up early.

Back by popular demand, we will have our Kuk Sool Holiday Wish Tables set up from Monday, December 2, until Friday, December 13. There will be many exciting items to purchase for you and your Kuk Sool student.

A note to students regarding snow and inclement weather. We try to keep the Kuk Sool studio open as much as possible. If public schools in the area are closed due to weather, we will close too. If there is heavy snow on a weekend or evening, we may also need to close. We always try to leave a message on the answering machine when this happens.

A new wrinkle is the PG&E power outages in the event of windy weather. If the Kuk Sool studio has power we will be open. We will be closed if there is no power at the studio.

We will be holding a sparring clinic on Thursday, November 14. Kuk Sool Won is a very comprehensive martial art and sparring is one aspect of Kuk Sool Won. The chance of someone trying to strike or kick you in a self-defense situation is very real. Sparring builds self-confidence and courage while helping you prepare for self-defense situations. By building your confidence and skill in sparring you actually decrease the probability of having to use your martial arts skills.

Show your school spirit with a free Gold Country Kuk Sool Won window decal for your car. Semi-professional installation by Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony is included.

I am very excited about the Gold Country Kuk Sool Won Men's Alaskan Fishing Retreat. This will be an amazing trip of a lifetime and will be held at the Rod 'N Reel Fishing Lodge on the famous Kenai River. This trip is a men's destination adventure open to any Gold Country Kuk Sool member, ages teenager through adult. Family members such as fathers, uncles, sons, etc., may also attend. What a great Christmas present! See me for more information. Please note that the deposit is due by December 10.

One of the special things that happens everyday in Kuk Sool training is the friendships that are forged. People from all walks of life come together and through our practice and interactions we develop relationships. Our mutual interest in Kuk Sool Won transcends into friendships that stand the test of time. I believe through these relationships we become better students, teachers and people. The positive relationships and friendships that I have made in Kuk Sool Won, and see others making everyday in class, are gifts to be cherished and thankful for.

Thank you and Kuk Sool,
Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony Reyna

Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won    Nevada City, California, U.S.A.    (530) 478-1412