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July/August Newsletter

Dear Students & Parents,

Classes are going well and everyone is training diligently. It can be hard with so many summer activities, so keep training on your list of priorities and you will see results.

I am very proud to announce that in October, Sa Bum Nims Craig Lauer, Richard Robertshaw, and Randall Yun will be promoted to fifth-degree black belt (master level). This will take place at the World Kuk Sool Won Championships in Galveston, Texas. I will accompany them for this momentous occasion. They have been practicing at Gold Country Kuk Sool Won for the last 25 years and are excellent instructors.

We will begin to focus more on sparring. Kuk Sool Won is a very comprehensive martial art and sparring is one of the many aspects of our training. The chance of being struck or kicked in a self-defense situation is very real. Sparring builds self-confidence and courage while helping prepare you for self-defense situations. By building your confidence and skill in sparring, you actually decrease the probability of having to use your martial arts skills.

We will have a sparring gear special in July and August. You will get the complete sparring gear set with a custom Kuk Sool Won gear bag for $150.00, including tax and shipping.

Session II of our Martial Arts Adventure Summer Day Camp will be held July 6 through 8. All four of our camps are full. This will be our 42nd camp with over 2200 campers in the last 20 years, and it has been a blast. It is so fun to work with so many different children. A special thank you to everyone who help make this camp a lifelong memory for so many.

During the warmer summer months Kuk Sool T-shirts may be worn instead of the traditional top. The traditional top must be worn when testing, during promotions, demonstrations, and special events. Kuk Sool T-shirts are available for $20, tax included. See your instructor or use the handy order form below.

We will be performing demonstrations at the Nevada County Fair on Friday, August 13 and Saturday, August 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Dance Pad. This will be our 26th year performing at the fair. We encourage all ages and levels to participate. During these two primetime slots we have the opportunity to plant a positive seed of martial arts in our community and show that Kuk Sool Won is truly a family oriented martial art.

Summer Fun: Lila and Jill still have a few openings left in their Discovery Kids Club. These half-day sessions are a blast. Check it out on the web at LJwellness.life. The July 12 session features animals and archery and the August 9 session features music, mats, and movement.

A reminder that we will be discontinuing our Zoom classes on August 1. We will still livestream our black belt classes to students living out of state. We are so thankful for this platform to teach and will be ready in the future if we ever have to use it again. Thanks again for all of your support; 90% of our students continued training through these unprecedented times and that is amazing.

There will be an archery and knife throwing clinic on Saturday, July 17 at the Kuk Sool Outdoor Training Center. Session I will be 8:00 to 9:30 a.m., and Session II will be from 9:45 to 11:15 a.m. This is a fun introduction to archery and knife throwing. Outdoor training is an important part of our traditional martial arts and our martial arts heritage. The clinic is open to all ages and belt levels. Signup is required and there is no charge. There will be no regular classes that day.

One of the things that I love about Gold Country Kuk Sool Won is the positive atmosphere. A positive atmosphere is brought about by positive people. Becoming a positive person will help you in every aspect of your life. Many people come through our doors because they want to learn self-defense, get in better shape, or have more confidence. I think it comes down to most of us wanting to be happy and making happiness a priority in our lives. A positive attitude is the best start I know of on the path to truly being happy. It doesn't cost anything, you don't need special education, it doesn't matter who you are or where you live, it's a way you choose to be. And just like Kuk Sool, it has to be practiced. Let's practice happiness together in 2021.

Thank you and Kuk Sool,
Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony Reyna

Kwahn Jahng Nim Tony

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won    Nevada City, California, U.S.A.    (530) 478-1412