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Gold Country Kuk Sool Won Studio
Check out pictures from Martial Arts Adventure Camp.
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Saturday, June 27th, 2009. Promotion, demonstration, and picnic at the Gold Run School Field/Park.
Gold Country Kuk Sool Won school picture.
Kwahn Jahng Nim Sung Jin Suh, Sa Bum Nim Tony Reyna and Kuk Sa Nim In Hyuk Suh.
Pu Sa Bum Nim Virgil and Sa Bum Nim Tony.
Sa Bum Nim Tony Reyna, Kwahn Jahng Nim Barry Harmon, Kwahn Jahng Nim Sung Jin Suh and Sa Bum Nim Seyd Saidi.
Tuesday night 7:00 P.M. class demonstrating low stances for the camera.
Laura and Virgil's newest Kuk Sool student, Brian. He's already learned through Ki Cho Hyung #2, double chop to the neck.
Kwahn Jahng Nim Sung Jin Suh.
Kuk Sool Won, traditional Korean Martial Arts.
Outdoor training.
Una de las múltiples especialidades de la familia Suh, el manejo de la espada tradicional Coreana.
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