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Please note there will be a special class schedule during Martial Arts Adventure Summer Day Camp 2019 weeks June 17-21 and July 15-19.

Weekly Class Schedule

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00 am             3rd/4th degree³
8:00 am             blk belt
9:00 am             beg
10:00 am       open children open adv children
11:00 am         t-tots   int/adv
12:00 pm             junior brn/blk belt*
1:00 pm            
1:30 pm adult brn/blk belt*
2:00 pm            
3:00 pm   open open   open open  
4:00 pm   children children adv children children children  
5:00 pm   techniques¹ t-tots blk belt open open  
5:30 pm t-tots  
6:00 pm   beg/int open beg/int 2nd degree²    
7:00 pm   int/adv   int/adv      
¹ brown belt and above
² 2nd degree material
³ 3rd degree material last Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted
4th & 5th degree material 2nd Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted
Instructor permission required
* 2nd Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted
adv advanced
adv children advanced children (blue & above)
beg beginner
int intermediate
t-tots Turtle Tots
Changes to the normal weekly schedule will be listed on the Calendar page.
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