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Our Instructors

Etiquette. Patience. Practice.


Tony Reyna

Chief Instructor/Owner

Tony is a 7th degree Black Belt and began his training in Kuk Sool Won while serving in the U.S. Air Force. In 1982 he tested for first-degree black belt in Kunsan, Korea. He has had the unique opportunity to have been taught by over twenty different Kuk Sool instructors and masters. Tony enjoys all aspects of the comprehensive system of Kuk Sool Won, but specializes in edged weapons and powerful hand striking techniques.


Lila Reyna


Lila Reyna is a 5th degree Black Belt and has been training in Kuk Sool Won for 26 years. Lila enjoys all comprehensive aspects of Kuk Sool Won, with special interest focusing on forms, ki energy healing, and women's self-defense. As a mother of three, she appreciates the family atmosphere of Kuk Sool Won. Along with Kuk Sool, Lila owns and operates Reyna Family Wellness center where she incorporates empowerment and herbal healing. 


Virgil Ines

Senior Instructor

Virgil Ines is a 6th degree Black Belt and has been training 31 years in Kuk Sool Won. Virgil is known for his etiquette, his precision, and his interest in intense physical training. He enjoys all aspects of Kuk Sool Won, but is particularly interested in the development of internal energy to add power to techniques and forms.


Craig Lauer


Craig is a 5th degree Black Belt and has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over 26 years. He enjoys all areas of his training including the mental and physical fitness aspects, and working with the students. Craig specializes in sword and staff forms and highly values the friendship and family-oriented atmosphere of Kuk Sool Won. Craig is a respected instructor and known for his patience and diligence.


Randall Yun


Randall is a 5th degree Black Belt and has been training in Kuk Sool Won since 1995. He feels like training in Kuk Sool Won helps keep his body and mind sharp. Randall feels that teaching improves his Kuk Sool and seeing the students grow and excel is very rewarding. He enjoys helping the students prepare for tournaments and has made many great friends.


KyongAe Schmitt


KyongAe is a 5th degree Black Belt and has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over 24 years. Along with Kuk Sool, KyongAe has been a fitness instructor for 25 years, teaching step and aqua aerobics classes. KyongAe enjoys teaching the children's classes, watching young people build up their etiquette, self-esteem, and confidence.


Nancey Tomasino


Nancey began her training in 1993 in San Antonio, TX under Chief Master In Joo Suh and is currently testing for 5th degree Black Belt. Together with her husband and three sons, they became a family of first-degree black belts and competed regularly at World Kuk Sool Championships in Houston, TX. Nancey earned the 1998 Women's Grand Champion, 1st Dahn.


Coltin Miller


Coltin is a 3rd degree Black Belt and has been training in Kuk Sool Won for over 17 years. He was awarded the Black Belt of the Year Award in 2014, and is the 2023 Pacific Coast 3rd Degree Grand Champion. Coltin enjoys the many layers of Kuk Sool Won and learning new details and methods that make a form more precise, or a technique more effective. In particular, Coltin enjoys practicing techniques and weapons. Through Kuk Sool Won, Coltin discovered his love for teaching. He enjoys sharing his passion for Kuk Sool Won with others and helping students improve in their training.


Leonard Skotnicki


Leonard joined Gold Country Kuk Sool Won in 2009 after watching his daughter Sarah train for a few months.  He (and Sarah) earned their 2nd degree black belt together in 2017.  Leonard later was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in November of 2022 and is now training for 4th degree.  Leonard enjoys working with students, especially the young, showing them how etiquette and focus can lead them to higher levels of success.  Leonard was awarded the Black Belt of the Year in 2015. 

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